My Story

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Most of you will have seen my mum is battling glioblastoma grade 4 VERY aggressive cancer it is terminal 😢 My dad has also been unwell he spent 12 continuous weeks in hospital with endocarditis an infection on a valve in his heart so due to all upheavel and VERY little help out there, the support network is nuts. Both my parents are very proud independent people and their wish is my command, they don't want nursing homes etc, I can try and help them, they are struggling financially which is the only contribution I can make unfortunately.
*All sales quoting "GLIO" * commison earned from those sales will be to help my parents financially, mum is using CBD oil and its doing wonders but the cost of it leaves them struggling, they are having a lift installed via the ceiling as their stairs are narrow, its all been passed and it's fully funded, though the dining room and back bedroom will be needing redecorated plus new flooring🙈 these are only some of the additional costs acrued and i believe our business could majorally help ease the stress and burden my parents are feeling. Also if you can please share my business posts it would be greatly appreciated. They are MY WHY xxx