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You Can Buy scentsy electric wax warmers, scentsy candle/wax bars/melts, scentsy ultrasonic diffusers, Scentsy Oils, Deluxe Diffuser Laundry, Clean, Kids, Pets, Disney our Clearance Section online at you can host various party styles and also become independent business owners within the scentsy family using our linked website.
We deliver Scentsy products all over europe - if your country is not listed for direct delivery please email us for a delivery quote using the contact us link.

Our Scentsy Journey
We found scentsy back in 2014, a friend of ours Jenna had not long started scentsy, she knew we couldn't have candles due to our son having brittle asthma and allergies to so many things. I missed my scented products so bad, Jenna said to try her warmer and some wax see how it goes. We did and have never looked back. Our son has a few scents that will trigger his allergies but once we identify it, it gets eliminated. My favourite scent was welcome home, then i discovered rhubarb berry jam and that was is it I BECAME ADDICTED to SCENTSY.
Honestly scentsy has so many positive things such as the safety with having no flames, soot or toxins floating around you really do only get full fragrance. Talking of fragrance oh my days the amount of scents is madness, regardless of your preference there will be quite a few you will fall in love with. Its a simple and effective scent system and we have products suited for everywhere now which is awesome.
Personally we have a few a reasons why we joined, Christmas 2014 we gifted a few friends a warmer and a wax bar (80hrs) fragrance from that one bar, our son could tolerate it then the other half took unwell both physically and mentally so seeing as she loves scentsy i joined up was only to get us discounted wax and keep mind busy when it suited literally has been a life changing journey. Everyone family friends etc all chip in helping do samples, labels and sort orders etc, our hobby it most definitely a family thing. We have decided to go try and make a business for us we have things happening in the background and come new year when its a little quieter we can then focus on how to fully expand.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask xxx

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